"Alison is the kind of yoga teacher every student dreams of having. As her student, you feel safe in her loving hands as she provides a safe space in which to explore and deepen your practice. I absolutely love her flows, they are challenging but most of all, joyous. I think her modern dance training comes through in her flows as her transitions from posture to posture always just feel right. She works your body quite hard and always manages to balance class with insightful life lessons for both on and off the mat as well as help you connect further within yourself. She beautifully takes care of your body, mind and spirit. Alison's deep understanding of the practice also comes through in her gentle and helpful assists and the options she always provides on how to advance a pose. I learned so much from Alison over the last two years and am lucky to say, she also became my friend outside of class. Alison is positive, full of light, love and insight. Take any of her classes if you can (especially power flows where she gets you moving to her unique and evocative playlists). Pretty soon you will be building your weekly schedule around her classes. Chicago, you are so lucky to have her spreading her gift in your city. We in NYC love and miss her!" -Sara Vincent

“Alison was the sole reason for my incredible (for a true new yorker!) trek from wall street to a faraway land of upper east side as her classes always filled me with joy and incredibly happy energy. They were constantly challenging and always evolving and I’ve learned so much from them. I would follow her everywhere and cannot wait to say 'namaste' together again!” -Jenia Kovalyuk

"Alison is the most talented and inspirational yoga teacher I know. I built my weekly schedule around Alison's yoga classes, dreading to miss it. I learned so much about yoga, advanced my practice and had a lot of fun in her class with her fantastic playlists and positive energy. Her classes were challenging, athletic, inspirational, thoughtfully put together and fun. She is incredibly knowledgeable about yoga, anatomy, meditation and incorporates her dance background into her classes, which helped to keep her students on their toes. Not to mention she is a beautiful person inside and out. New York's loss is Chicago's gain." - Stefanie M

“Alison was the perfect private instructor. As a mother of 3, it is hard to find time to get to a yoga class. She spent more than one hour giving me an amazing flow class. Her patience, unique instruction, and positive attitude is one of a kind.  Alison is extremely educated on the anatomy of the body and movement. I loved having her align my post- baby body and she even taught me fun poses to do with my children.” Leila Daugherty

"Alison brings a combination of strength, spirituality, grace, warmth, creativity and fun to every class and workshop she teaches. Her flows are thoughtful and challenging, the things she talks about are insightful and inspiring, and her assists are amazing! I have learned so much from Alison and am truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to practice with her.  She is definitely missed in NYC and Chicago is very lucky to have her!" -Tracy S.

"Alison always brought light, joy and a deep breathe to every class! Yoga is not the same without her. I cherish the years I had the privilege of practicing, learning and expanding my yoga path with her!!!" -Vicki S

"I used to plan my work schedule around Alison's classes- she never failed to push me and inspire me, her classes were always a breath of fresh air. She challenged me, and helped me to see my own potential. I always felt I could trust Alison, and she helped me learn to trust myself. Her creativity, passion, and love were a huge part of what inspired me and gave me the courage to become a yoga teacher myself." - Kat S.

"Alison's classes are the perfect combination of flowing, challenging, and fun. She puts together sequences that build on themselves, so that the class is cohesive and makes a point. Most of all, Alison reminds you to feel at home in in your own body and the movements it makes." - Danielle Storm

"New York's loss is Chicago's gain. Alison is a top notch yoga instructor. She makes a point to know each of her students and greets you by name. She creates a warm and friendly yoga environment that you will want to come back to every day. She has a unique awareness of where her students are in their practice, and she helps each person to grow and feel great about coming to her class." - Wendy Wolther

"I want to write and tell you what a wonderful experience I had practicing with Alison over the last two years. She is the most wonderful teacher whose music, flow and hands on adjustments made the class go by too fast. Her amazing disposition and always up beat attitude made her a favorite of the students.  I enjoy a power, fast flow and Alison provided that class.  I highly recommended taking her class as often as you can!" -Julie Solit

"Alison is my favorite teacher at New York Yoga, I've been attending for about a year (previously I was at House of Jai).  Her classes have an active, interesting flow and I never know quite what to expect. I love it. She keeps you moving and her adjustments and assists are spot-on.  She is incredibly friendly and engaging.  She creates a pressure-free environment while still offering opportunities to challenge yourself.  I feel incredibly comfortable with her and I cannot recommend her enough." -RateYourBurn Review

"Alison is an amazing teacher who incorporates a dance like vinyasa with lots of advanced options. Her assists are legit and her playlist is always spot on. She's an inspiring teacher who pushes you to have fun and try even the most advanced of postures. Cannot say enough positive things about Alison!" -RateYourBurn Review